Exclusive Monthly Plans for ConnectBox

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What's the best price for you?

The minimum subscription fee allows you to register up to emails a month. If you think you will need more, adjust the slider bellow to the number of emails you expect to register each month on average, and we'll find the best price for you.

This is what you get

Fair Pricing

Monthly plan, cancel at any time
Extra emails billed the following month
Plan auto adjusts to real use

Team license

5 users included
Sender authentication based on your domain SPF records
Monthly usage report

Receipt management

Default 5-year storage of receipts
Manage how receipts and bounce messages are to be delivered

Email features

Up to 25 recipients on copy
Read confirmation tracking pixel

Enhanced features

Data interchange channels for full platform integration
Campaigns for registering contract consent
Intelligent MIME FROMs

Need a bigger plan or more features?

Contact to learn more about Extended plans and our state-of-the-art email tools.

Estimated monthly cost


Pricing breakdown


This is the best price for your usage estimates.

We will start charging only the plan monthly fee. Extra emails, if any, will be charged the following month. Any applicable taxes are not included.

Always included at no extra cost
Scalable fees
We want you to pay what you receive. If we find that we can offer you a more affordable monthly plan, we will adjust it for you.
A committed team
Email support from people who understand email, assisted by a monitoring engine ready to proactively identify problems.

Have questions?

How many emails can I register per day?
You can send as many emails a day as you plan to send in a month. If you choose a plan for, say, 1,000 registered emails per month, your daily limit will also be 1,000 emails. Does this mean that you can run out of emails in one day? No, what this means is that you won't be able to send more than 1,000 emails a day, but you can do so every day.
What happens if I go over my plan's monthly email limit?
Extra emails on our paid plans are calculated at the end of your monthly billing cycle and included with your plan cost for the upcoming month.
Do unused emails roll over into the next month?
No. If you are under your email limit at the end of a billing cycle, the unused emails do not roll over to the next billing period.
Is there a maximum storage size limit?
No. Establishing storage quotas would require additional fees to address the different storage needs, and we really want to keep our prices as simple as possible.
If I cancel my plan, will my stored files be deleted?
When unsubscribing, you decide whether to keep your storage or if your receipts have to be removed. It's up to you.
Can I upload email templates to run campaigns?
Not right now, but don't worry: we will provide you support in setting up your consent campaigns and data capture pages..
What payment types do you accept?
We accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, American Express and SEPA Direct Debit. We do not accept PayPal.

Here’s what our customers think of us

Holaluz is a technology-based energy company. The integration of eEvidence's digital solutions has allowed us to strengthen the legal security of electronic signature operations within the organization, as well as expedite the sending of registered communications, which are now carried out electronically with full guarantees.

eEvidence has an outstanding performance in managing large transactional email projects, and the team has always been responsive and problem solving oriented. We were seeking for a solution to be trusted and implemented globally, and the eEvidence service and team have greatly exceeded expectations. I highly recommend it.

When we searched for a way to secure strong and immutable records of transactional emails, we found eEvidence to be well ahead of any other solution. These guys know about email and deliver what they promise, and this made a big difference. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a top-class solution.

Emails on important academic subjects and procedures are sent to students daily. Sending them through eEvidence provides us great confidence, allowing us to prove that for every procedure the information has been delivered to recipients on time.

The product perfectly covers our needs in terms of EU regulations, and the team showed us outstanding, high quality customer service to easily win our trust.